6 Years Old Gives Best Reason Ever Why It’s Ok To Feed Her Baby Sister In Public.

A woman was at the mall with her 6 year old son and newborn daughter, when the newborn had to eat. So the woman and her son and the newborn went to the foodcourt and she popped out a breast to feed her infant.

Immediately, a woman came up to her, rolling her eyes and told her there was a chair in the bathroom specifically for her to do that, adding “My child does not need to see you feeding yours here while she’s eating. Before the nursing mother could respond, her 6 year old son cut her off, and said, “I don’t need to see YOUR kids eating while I’M eating.” The bitter woman replied that her daughter is eating with no body parts showing, to which the nursing mom’s son responded after looking back at the bitter woman’s daughter, “I can see her legs, and you can’t see ANY part of my (baby) sister.”

The bitter woman was taken aback, and asked the nursing mother if she let her son talk to everyone like that. The nursing mom responded, “How? Truthfully?” Needless to say, mom was pretty darned proud of her son.

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