A Bullied Kid Had A Rare Escort To His First Day Of School.

In Pennsylvania, 16-year-old Sean Maehrer, who has Down Syndrome, had been bullied in the past at school and was preparing to start a new year at Salisbury High School last September. His parents were worried about him being taunted even more by the school bullies, and posted their anxieties on Facebook.

Shawn Gaffney (Facebook)

When a local motorcycle group got word of that, its members geared up to make sure Sean was not going to be the target of any bullies. So a group of 16 bikers escorted him to school, with Sean riding on the back of one of the bikes while wearing a helmet and vest.

Shawn Gaffney (Facebook)

When he got to school, another 100 bikers were there to greet him. I’d venture to say Sean never had any more problems with the bullies.

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