Hero Dog Chases Away Armed Robber.

Charlie the dog was at her owner’s home in Los Angeles with her two sibling pups when burglars broke into their home. But Charlie and the pups chased them out of the house and down the street. One of the fleeing burglars then shot Charlie twice, hitting Charlie in her front and back legs.

Had the bullets not hit Charlie, there was a possibility they could have struck one of the owner’s children. Charlie’s pups were able to push Charlie back to the house, and Charlie was taken to the local animal control shelter, since the owner could not afford an expensive vet bill. But a worker at the shelter started a crowdfunding page for Charlie to get medical help. It quickly raised more than $8,000… double the actual goal.

Charlie got the treatment she needed and a leg had to be amputated. But her owners consider her a true canine hero.

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