Man Does The Unthinkable For His Dying Wife.

Tracy Spraggins of Birmingham, Alabama, had struggled most all her life with Lupus, and was going to die if she didn’t get a new kidney soon.

Her placement on the donor list put her receiving one at about 7 years down the road. But Tracy’s husband, P.J., knew that was far too long of a wait to take any chances, so he underwent a battery of tests to determine if his kidneys were a match. Against all odds of a spouse being a perfect match, P.J.’s were perfect. But there was one big problem. P.J.’s large size put him at risk during surgery because his blood pressure numbers were too high. He was determined, though. Oh, he was very determined.

So the 265-pound man went on a yearlong fitness routine and managed to lose 70 pounds to bring his blood pressure numbers down. Finally, the two underwent a four-hour surgery, and Tracy’s kidney is now working at a hundred percent.

Says P.J.: ‘It has just been amazing. To know that I did everything I could to give my wife a better quality of life is just the best feeling. I am so happy.” Kudos to you, P.J. … you da man!

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