Struggling Single Mom Uses Lottery Winnings To Help A Homeless Man.

In mid-February, in Wareham, Massachusetts, Sofia Andrade, a mother of three, was thrilled when she won $200 instantly on a scratch-off card.

As she was preparing to leave the store after cashing it in, she looked up and saw an elderly man shivering out in the cold, the brutal winds haven beaten his face in the sub-zero temperatures. In his shaky hands he held a sign that read: Anything would help. Now, all the shelters had filled up, and he had nowhere to go. So Sofia called him over to her car and asked him to get in. She took the man, named Glenn, to a Dunkin Donuts for a quick bite and some nice hot coffee. Then Sofia set Glenn up for two nights at the Rosewood Motel. He was stunned by her amazing generosity. But Sofia did something else. After leaving Glenn at the hotel, she drove home and started a GoFundMe page to help him out. Well, within two days that fund for Glenn stood at more than $5,000.

It’s a phenomenal thing when people come together for the good of someone else. And that lottery scratch-off ticket? I’d say in this case, everyone’s a winner.

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