Nurse Cares For Woman Daily, But On Day Off She Sneaks Into Her Room & Shows Her True Colors

Sometimes, it’s not what you do when you’re earning a paycheck that matters. Sometimes, it’s what your heart leads you to do when you’re not. Isabelle is a nurse who cares for patients daily. But recently, on her days off, she has been visiting the grandmother of a young man she knows. His grandmother is in a hospital and she is dying.

When Isabelle visits her, she smiles and she asks the elderly woman if she can sing for her. And when Isabelle starts singing, it’s not an ordinary voice that comes out of her. It’s the voice of an angel. Isabelle sings beautifully a song that connects her heart to the elderly woman’s heart. It’s enough to draw tears from anyone within hearing distance. As she sings, she gently caresses the woman’s arm to comfort her. Nurses have a tough enough job when their on the clock.

But nurses like Isabelle are beyond amazing when they can reach out and touch someone because they sincerely care outside of the workplace. Did you feel this one in your heart? If so, please share it so others can feel the same.

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