Pastor Asks Bride To Step Aside, Then Groom Gives “Proposal” To Her Sister

When Ashley’s younger sister, Hannah, came into the world, she knew she had someone she could share life’s biggest moments with. But soon, Ashley and her family learned that Hannah was not going to be quite like everyone else in the family. Hannah was born with Down’s Syndrome.

Well, that sure didn’t take away any love that Ashley had for her younger sister. It just might change the way they communicated with each other. And Ashley felt even more compelled to take care of her and be that protective older sister. When Ashley began seeing Will, she made sure Hannah was a big part of their relationship, and Will soon accepted Hannah like a sister of his own. A few years later, Will got on one knee and proposed to Ashley, and she said “Yes.” Then, Will turned to Hannah and asked if she would be his best friend forever.

She was thrilled to be a part of such a special moment, and told him “Yes.” Soon after, Will and Ashley took that big step and got married. But during the ceremony, after saying his vows to Ashley, Will also said some special vows to his best friend forever.

Everyone attending the wedding was touched by such a moment. And it was beyond special for Hannah to be included in such a big event. Both Ashley and Will consider Hannah an enormous blessing in their lives.

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