Mom Leaves Walmart, Sees Person In Car Next To Her Mouth 6 Horrifying Words And She Slams The Brakes

It was just a regular trip to Walmart for Tia Withers and her two kids. But that afternoon at the Reynoldsburg, Ohio Walmart would be anything but regular. After Tia had gotten back into her truck after shopping a woman with a young boy next to her mouthed the words “Help me. We have been kidnapped.”

Tia was shocked, then the man close to the woman and boy told them to get in the car. After they did, Tia did something very courageous. She pulled her truck back and over, blocked the car from leaving. But the driver rammed her truck. Because her children were with her, Tia moved and allowed the man to leave. But she sure wasn’t done. She got followed him and immediately got on the phone to 911 and gave operators her location, the direction headed and his license plate number.

After a few miles, police caught up to the man, as Tia followed but kept a safe distance away. When he was trapped, the man stopped the car and ran, throwing something in the bushes.

Tia, still on the phone with the operator, told her about it. Police apprehended the man and were able to locate the drugs he had thrown in the bushes. The woman and young boy who had been kidnapped were unharmed. It was discovered they were kidnapped in North Carolina, and the man was trying to get them with withdraw some money at a Western Union in that Walmart. But there was no Western Union there. Michael McKinney was arrested and charged with several crimes, including kidnapping and possession of drugs.

So, what would you do if you were Tia? Would you do the same as she did, or something else? Please share this so others will know what Tia did.

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