Autistic Boy Left With Nanny For 12 Years.

17 years ago, Angie, 54 at the time, agreed to watch a little autistic boy named John in her modest Singapore home. His parents never came back to get him. As a matter of fact, they wanted nothing to do with him. Initially, they sent Angie $500 a month to take care of him.

Then $450 a month. Then $300. Then $70. After that, nothing. They never called or visited him when he was hospitalized after food poisoning. They really didn’t care. But Angie did… because she loved him. When she first held him in her arms so many years ago, he was nothing but skin and bones.

But she nursed him back to health and later got him into a school that taught him how to care for himself to a good degree. In 2011, Angie was one of 54 individuals nominated for Model Caregiver Award. And she won. Along with the award came a cash award of $1,500. True commitment and sacrifice often go unnoticed.

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