Collage Professor Babysits Single Mom’s Kids So She Can Finish Her Exam.

What do you do with two young, fidgety kids when youneed to take a test? Monica Romero’s babysitter cancelled on her at the last minute and put her in a real bind. She absolutely had to take her final exam in military history at the University of Louisville.

So, with a lot of anxiety, she brought her kids to school and had them stay on a couch outside the classroom with a computer and tablet while she took thetest. Only minutes into thetest, one of the kids started banging on the door.

Monica shot out of the classroom to tend to them and her professor, Dr. Krebs, followed. She was certain he was going to make her and her kids leave. But she got a big surprise.

Victoria Henry

Dr. Krebs told her to return to the classroom and finish her test and he would tend to them. A very unlikely babysitter, but a very good and kind-hearted one, at that.

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