Man Comes To The Aid Of ‘Homeless Women Refused Cup Of Water’ At Cardiff McDonald’s.

It was in the middle of winter when Jonathon Pengelly stopped into a McDonald’s for a quick bite. The woman in line in front of him, who was obviously down on her luck, asked the employee behind thecounter for a simple cup of hot water. 

The employee said No. Yes, the billion-dollar food giant said No to a cup of hot water to a human being. Well, Jonathon was shocked by the employee’s actions and told the woman, named Polly, to go ahead and order whatever she wanted from the menu and he would take care of it. She could have ordered anything… and LOTS of anything… but she asked for a simple cheeseburger.


So he bought her a bunch of sandwiches, then invited her and her friend waiting outside to his home, where they ate, showered and brushed their teeth.

Polly told Jonathon they had never felt so appreciated in all their lives. Jonathon has since given Polly food, blankets and pillows and promised that she would never go hungry or cold again. It was a simple moment… a few burgers and some normal human hygiene given in human kindness by a man who said “enough!”

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