Rich Man Buries His Bentley To Use In His After Life.

In 2013, an extremely wealthy Brazilian businessman certainly caught the attention of millions when he said on Facebook he was going to bury his $400,000 Bentley so he would be able to drive it in the afterlife.

Chiquinho Scarpa, 62, said he was inspired to do this because the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs would have their most prized possessions buried with them when they left this world so they could then use those possessions on the other side.

Ok. STOP! Right now, what’s your reaction to that? I’ll give you a few seconds…..

Ok. Times up. You surely had a pretty quick reaction to that. Most people, (ahem) myself included, thought ….What!!!??? …. the craziest, nuttiest thing I’ve ever heard. Why would ANYONE waste such a valuable thing, especially when he could sell it and give the money to those who are less fortunate.

But just before the date Scarpa said he would drop his car in the grounds of his Sao Paulo estate, he held a press conference with a banner behind him reading: “It’s absurd to bury something much more valuable than a Bentley: Your organs.”

He then held up a card reading: I am an organ donor.

Says Scarpa, “I have not buried my car, but everyone thought it absurd when I said I’d do it. It is absurd to bury their bodies, which can save many lives. Nothing is more valuable. Be a donor, tell your family.”

That was a brilliant promotion. I think this guy might have a good future ahead… maybe make some money….

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