Women Reunited With Cop Who Saved Her In 1998

Josi Aponte graduated magna cum laude from Eastern Connecticut State University. She invited retired Hartford detective Peter Getz to be there. And he was. You see, when Josi was a little girl, a fire broke out in her home.

A firefighter pulled her from the building and gave her to police officer Getz, before running back into the burning home. Josi wasn’t breathing. Medics had not yet arrived so time was of the utmost importance. So Getz put her in the backseat of his squad car and began CPR on her, as his partner raced them to the hospital.

Alan Chaniewski / Courtesy of Peter Getz

When they got there, Josi was breathing again. Before graduation, she did some reseach and found Getz through Facebook. And a beaming Josi got to see him at her graduation, and was able to thank him in person for saving her life.

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