36 Toy Soldiers Form A Line On Stage, Crowd Can’t Believe Their Eyes As They Begin To Move In Unison

Toy soldiers. They mean something very special during the holiday season, don’t they? Those holiday movies or that nutcracker soldier in a prominent display at your grandmother’s house. And they certainly have a special place in all of our hearts.

During a recent performance, 36 very adult and very human toy soldiers lined the stage, with one looking exactly like all the others, right down to the number of feathers in their caps. It was a completely mesmerizing performance as they moved in uncanny unison wearing their bright red and white uniforms.

Their tiny steps and group twirls and rotations were amazing, as they stood completely erect, arms down to their sides. 

Then, they would break off individually and do their own thing for a few seconds before getting back into line with the others and again move perfectly together to the cheerful music playing And after a fantastic five-minute routine the ending is outstanding (but we won’t give it away here… you’ll have to watch the video for yourself… and you’ll be glad you did). The toy soldiers.

They can bring a smile to your face by just thinking about them. And if they did, and you enjoyed this post, please share it with others.


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