Couples Fill Up The Dance Floor, Buts It’s The Tiny Dancers That Completely Steal The Show

Anyone who has followed Elton John’s career through the years surely knows his song Tiny Dancer. It’s seldom you actually get to see one. Or, in this case, two. Yasha Jeltuhin and Daniela Avanzini are only four and five years old, but they already know how to entertain a big crowd.

With their fans cheering at the Atlanta Open earlier this year, the two adorable children danced a very complicated Cha Cha routine. They could have chosen something a lot simpler, but they didn’t… they wanted to Cha Cha. 

They were dancing with adult contestants around them on the dance floor, people who have been dancing professional for years. But that didn’t seem to bother either of the little ones. It was quite a display of dancing for such a young pair.

They twisted, dipped and spun in near-perfect unison, and judging from their smiles throughout the routine, they were having a ball. And with such an amazing talent, they had plenty of others in the big room smiling as well. They didn’t win the dance competition, but they sure won over the hearts of so many.

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