Toddler Sits Next To ‘Macho’ Guy On Plane. When He Kicks Him, Mom Captures Man’s Kind Response.

Most people get the look of shear fear when they board an airplane and a young child is seated next to them. (Admit it, practically all of us are guilty of that). But when one mother recently boarded a flight with her young son, and the little boy had to sit next to this big, burly guy in his 20s, she was certain he was going to be rude to her little boy at some point. But, incredibly, the complete opposite happened. 

To put the boy at ease, the man offered him some gum and candy at take-off, which mom thought was awesome. Then the man picked up the boy’s blanket every time he dropped it, let the boy rest his legs on his lap while the little guy was sleeping, and he even entertained him during the flight.

The mother posted this letter online: “Thank you for making our flight experience a lesson in compassion and empathy for others. That little boy will grow into a man one day (hopefully like you) and he will get a lot more out of your simple actions than you realize.” The kind stranger, Ali Hyseni, finally received the letter. And he credits his own grandfather with teaching him patience and kindness. If only there were more Ali Hysenis in this world… or in the air. 

"We flew Westjet Flight #1221 from Fort Lauderdale at 9:30pm (arriving in Toronto past midnight yesterday) with a…

Posted by Love What Matters on Friday, March 31, 2017

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