Young Singer’s Invited To Christmas Concert. In No Time Her Heavenly Voice Silences The Room

Amira Willighagen of the Netherlands is only 9 years old, and she truly has the voice of an angel. As a matter of belief by some, she may actually BE an angel. Her incredible vocal talents were more than enough to bring her the winning title on Holland’s Got Talent. 

So many wonderful things have happened to her since her amazing voice has been heard from that production, including being invited to a master class by acclaimed violinist and orchestra director Andre Rieu. And through her quick fame and earnings she has been able to have a playground built for children living near her maternal relatives come from, and she founded her own a charity organization that works to help others.

But perhaps her most breathtaking performance to date has been the recent Christmas concert at St. Jacob’s Church in The Hague, where she sang a mesmerizing version of “Oh, Holy Night.” And in the spirit of beautiful giving, the little girl with the unbelievable voice dedicated her performance to a special woman in the audience — a 105-year-old woman who was thrilled to be graced with Amira’s angelic voice.

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