Mom Hears Doctor Gasp Moments After Delivering Twins, Looks Down & Quickly Realizes Why.

Sarah Thistlethwaite, a math teacher in Ohio, and her husband were expecting twins and they were really looking forward to them. Then Sarah was taken to the delivery room, where she underwent a Cesarean section. 


But instead of hearing her babies cry, she heard the doctors and nurses gasp. That would be the LAST thing ANY delivering mother would want to hear. Then she got worried, because she knew that her twins were sharing the placenta, and their survival rate is only 50 percent.

It’s the rarest form of twin birthing and presents the biggest risk. The doctors had to pull the twins out of Sarah at the same exact time because they were attached. They were not attached, however, in the normal way of thinking. The doctors pulled them out together because they were clenching each other’s little hands. Sarah was shocked by this, then she burst into tears, and then laughter. And so did the doctors and nurses. It was one of the most beautiful things to see – two babies holding onto each other at the time of their birth. 

Sarah said, “My heart just melted. Even my husband got tears in his eyes – I don’t know that anybody in the room had a dry eye.” Sarah and her husband named the girls Jenna and Jillian, and Sarah now describes them as “two peas in a pod… always taking care of each other.” And that’s just the way it should be.

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