Rory Feek Makes Decision To Pull His Daughter Out Of School – And People Can’t Get Over Reason

In March of 2016, many of us remember the passing of Joey Feek, half of the singing duo that looked to make it big on the country music stage until she was stricken with cancer. It was terrible to watch her life wither away, but she always tried to keep a positive attitude along with her singing partner and husband, Rory Feek. Rory has obviously dealt with some pretty rough days since her passing, but he uses his blog regularly to share his life with all his fans. And his fans love and support him, as well as his and Joey’s little daughter, Indiana.

She is a 3-year-old girl who was born with special needs, but she is truly the silver lining in Rory’s life. Preschool teachers and therapists have been working with the little girl since she lost her mom. But Rory has come to realize that that is not what his wife would have wanted. Rory said: “If Joey were here … she would be homeschooling Indy … she would be way more interested in Indiana learning to be a good person than being a good reader. To love God and the life that He’s given her, more than what a lot of the world is telling us to love. And in her mind, home is the best place to learn those things.”

So to give Indiana the best of both worlds, Rory has built a school on his farm that can hold about a dozen children, and little Indiana will be a part of it, as well.

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