Tiny Girl Sits On Santa’s Lap, Looks Over And Says 4 Words That Made Everyone Burst Into Tears.

Little Kensley Penney’s daddy was gone, and she couldn’t understand why. But she wanted him back. Her dad was actually serving in Afghanistan. But that didn’t matter to Kensley. She still wanted him back. 

So when she plopped down on Santa’s lap she told him she had been a really good girl this year. Then, when he asked her what she wanted for Christmas, she knew exactly what she wanted… her daddy back home. 

Santa smiled broadly then motioned for little Kensley to look up and back to the crowd. 

And when she did, there was her daddy, Sgt. Scott Penney, coming out from hiding. Amazing! How did Santa do that so fast? Well, of course, Santa had heard little Kensley’s pleas to have her dad back, and his band of elves got to work on getting that wish granted, because, indeed, little Kensley had been such a good girl that year. 

When Kensley hugged her dad, she said, “Hi daddy. I missed you. I love you.” And tears started streaming down her little face. It was the best Christmas present she could ever get. And for Scott and Kensley’s mom, they cannot imagine having a better Christmas. 

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