Baby Is Born Days After 24-Week Abortion Limit. 9 Months Later Doctors Can’t Believe Their Eyes

Victoria Bradley was pregnant and loving it. She just couldn’t wait to see her little bundle of joy. But at 24 weeks into the pregnancy, she seemed to be having some problems and she learned that if the baby was born early, it could be a serious problem. But that little baby had to be born then, and she was named Francesca.

She was only 2 pounds, with her feet not much bigger than the size of pennies, and doctors said it was likely the little girl would not survive.

As this shook Victoria to her core, she had no idea her little girl was about to be a miracle.

Little Francesca went through many surgeries and procedures and Victoria would cradle her between them, holding out with all the hope she could. But that little girl she gave birth to, that tiny little 2-pound bundle of joy was a real fighter.

And she fought. And she fought so hard that she could finally live on her own without medications, tubes and forced oxygen.

She is truly a little miracle.

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