She’s Waiting For Daddy’s Birthday Present. When It Arrives, Her Reaction Lights Up The Internet

Little Madeline absolutely loved trains. She loved the big engine and the whistle and the caboose. She just loved trains. So for Madeline’s third birthday, her dad was going to get her something really, really big – a ride on a train.

As she and her dad waited on the train down the tracks, Madeline was bubbling over with excitement. She just couldn’t believe that that big old train was coming to pick her up. He face lit up more and more the closer the train got to them.

This was the biggest and bestest day of her life, she thought. When it stopped for them to board, Madeline was totally amazed by the big, awesome site of it. It was an extraordinary moment for her and it was written all over her face.

Dad was smart enough to record a video of it because mom would want to see it. It would also become a cherished moment recorded that she could appreciate even more when she became a teenager.

Her enthusiasm was nothing short of contagious, and what a beautiful time for dad to bond with his little girl and give her such a precious and memorable gift.

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