Tractor Writes Message In The Snow, Has The Internet Applauding In Agreement

The folks at Prunty Farms waited for that perfect moment to send someone out on a special holiday assignment. And farmer Dan was the chosen one. And he had only one shot to get it right.

So a few weeks before Christmas last year, after some 10 inches of snow had fallen on the area, Dan got in big green John Deer tractor and off he went. What he had to do was not going to be easy, but he had faith in himself, as the others did.

One wrong move with that tractor would mess everything up, and Dan was not about to let that happen. The tractor moved up and down the farmland, turning and curling and winding its way through the heavy snow. He even used a drone to clue him in on his moves, and that was helpful.

His assignment carried him across 2 acres of farmland, and all the other farmers waited anxiously on Dan to return so they could inspect their the product of their mission. When Dan returned and his work was through, it was checked by the others, and they were happy with its outcome.

Dan had written in the snow with his big green John Deer tractor “Merry Christmas,” and it was letter perfect and could be seen from high in the sky.

It was the biggest and best Christmas greeting the farmers could give.

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