Boy Sings Ed Sheeran Song For Ellen, Has No Idea Ed Is Sitting Right Behind Him

Little eight-year-old Kai is one of Ellen’s favorites. That would be Ellen DeGeneres, who has had her own show for quite awhile. Kai has been her guest before, singing the Katy Perry song “Roar.”

He’s got a sweet and lovable personality and Ellen just loves him to pieces. On this appearance, he gives Ellen a handmade card and tells her that she’s his first girlfriend, which, of course, melts Ellen’s heart.

Then he tells her about wanting a little brothers who is already 5 years old. After a few comical exchanges, Kai starts singing an Ed Sheeran song for Ellen and the audience. His performance of “Thinking Out Loud,” brings a lot of heart and gestures from the little guy, and Ellen and her audience loves it.

Then, half way through Kai’s performance, Ed himself sneaks up behind Kia and sits on the arm of a chair to hear the rest of his singing. Ed smiles and enjoys the animated boy just as much as everyone else.

When the song fades out, the audience gives Kai some great applause and Ellen gestures to the little boy to look behind him. When he does, he’s surprised to see one of his biggest sing idols there. Kai musters up a shy “Hi” to Ed.

Then Ed says he got to go backstage and that he would see him in a little while. It was obviously a big moment for Kai. Then, Ellen gives him another surprise. Check the video to find out what it is.

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