Elderly Man Sits Down At Goodwill Piano, Leaves Shoppers In Tears With His Impromptu Performance

At the Goodwill store in Norwalk, Ohio, a quiet, unassuming older gentleman walked through some of the aisles before deciding to sit down on a piano bench in front of a piano. He stretched out his fingers a bit and then he started to play.

And, boy, did he play. It sounded like something of a show tune, as his fingers masterfully glided across the keyboard, seemingly jabbing at every single note. In the background, customers and store workers alike stopped and admired the unknown man’s skillful playing.

Some even held there phones up and started recording the magical moment. He just looked like a regular guy and nothing about his flannel hoodie, jeans and sneakers would give away that he had an incredible talent for tickling the ivories.

Yet, he did, playing on a beautiful instrument that – unfortunately, these days – seems all but forgotten. And all of those in the store that day got a real treat when he started playing.

Now, if only all stores with pianos came with their own resident musicians, we might find ourselves getting out a little more and shopping a little more.

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