Tiny Girl Shuts Her Eyes To Sing Favorite Christmas Song, Brings Tears To All Within 1st Note

The love for music can really never start too early. And for little Claire, the time is right now. She’s only 4 years old but she is already emerging as something of a little star. It all began when her dad pulled out his guitar and started strumming and singing to Claire.

But she decided she wanted to do some singing herself as her dad just played the guitar. And over a short amount of time, Claire has taken her singing talent to an incredible level, especially for a 4-year-old.

Now, it’s Christmastime, and Claire and her dad have just released a special video with the little girl singing one of the most cherished Christmas songs ever, “Silent Night.”

Her sweet innocence while singing this beautiful song gives it a whole to meaning, and is sure to touch the heart of most every viewer. And little Claire doesn’t just sing the familiar first verse. She actually sings the second verse and even the third verse.

She is truly a special little girl to watch while she performs. Just take a look at the video, and you, too, will be amazed by her performance.

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