Young Mother Rushed To Hospital To Deliver Triplets. Dr.’s Look Closer At Babies’ Faces And Freeze

Becky-Jo of England was not feeling to well, and that feeling she was having was very similar to feeling she had when she was pregnant with her daughter, Indiana. So Becky-Jo made a point to go to her doctor to see.

And Becky-Jo was pregnant, sure enough … but not with one … and not with two … but with three little ones growing inside her. Well, that was a big shock out of the blue. Triplets were just not something that was common at all in the family.

Becky-Jo was rushed to the hospital at 31 weeks and gave birth to Rocco, Roman and Rohan. Each weighed between 3 pounds 5 ounces and 3 pounds 10 ounces, and they had to be put in the neonatal intensive care unit, with tubes, wires and other apparatuses covering them.

After three weeks, when all those gizmos were taken off the babies and they were ready to be taken home, Becky-Jo noticed something: They all looked exactly alike. Well, babies look a lot alike anyway, but these babies were identical, and the chances of giving birth to identical triplets can be up to one in 2 million.

Later, at home and just to be sure, Becky-Jo sent off swabs from each of her babies to see if their DNA would show they actually were triplets. And, indeed, they were. As they grow older, people are finding it tough to tell who’s who.

But Becky-Jo has a system: Rohan is the loud one, Rocco is easy-going and Roman complains and doesn’t want to share. They may be identical, but now they’re starting to sound like everyone else we know.

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