Baby Is Born Days After 24-Week Abortion Limit. 9 Months Later Doctors Can’t Believe Their Eyes

Victoria Bradley was pregnant and loving it. She just couldn’t wait to see her little bundle of joy. But at 24 weeks into the pregnancy, she seemed to be having some problems and she learned that if the baby was born early, it could be a serious problem. But that little baby had to be born then, and she was named Francesca.

4 Young Boys Sneak Into Elderly Woman’s Yard. When She Grabs Them, She Begins Sobbing

Gerry Suttle is a 75-year-old woman who live in Waco, Texas. And she has found that her ability to do so many things has slowed down with age. All those chores that seemed so easy at one time – like washing windows, vacuuming and mowing the lawn – were extremely challenging now, if not impossible.

Couple Lose 2 Sons In Accident. 2 Years Later, Doctors Gasp Upon Discovery Inside Mom’s Belly

Two years ago, in North Carolina, Gentry and Hadly Eddings experienced the worst thing any parent could experience on Memorial Day weekend. Gentry, a minister, had just presided over his sister’s wedding, and the couple was on their way back home, along with their 2-year-old son, Dobbs. And Hadley was 37 weeks pregnant. Suddenly, their car was hit by a truck.

Man Stops To Help Woman Walking In Rain. 3 Years Later His Jaw Drops When He Learn Her Identity

On a dreary, nasty, rainy day, Chris Wright was taking his wife and three kids home after church. They spotted a woman walking in the downpour and drove past her. But when they got home, Chris got all of them in safely and told his wife, “I have to go back. I have to help her.” It really wasn’t that unusual of him, thought his wife, Carmen, saying, “You know when you have an urge and a desire something to do good? He was raised that way.

Young Army Veteran Gets Pulled Over By Cop, Then Officer Points To Item On Dash

William Jazwinski did a 15-month tour in Iraq with the Army. When he returned from the battlefield and got back to the states, he put a properly folded U.S. flag in the back of his truck. As William was driving one day, he noticed a police car behind him, and soon, that police car was flashing its lights and sounding its siren. William wondered what he was doing wrong. He wasn’t speeding and all of his papers were up to day.