Identical Triplets Share Scars From Tragic Fire. 30 Years Later, Stun Everyone With Their Looks

In Texas, a tragic housefire claimed the life of a mother of three young girls, who were severely burned in the blaze before being saved by their father, Scott. Chandra, Trae and Jordan Berns have all undergone several surgeries, skins grafts and physical therapy.

Landlord Takes Chance On Homeless & Depressed Mom, 16yrs Later Moved By Fateful Decision

20 years ago, Vanessa Howard found herself homeless with her three young daughters after escaping from domestic violence. She had no other family and no one else to turn to. It was just her and her kids… and the streets. Landlords were tough and no one would take her in, often simply shutting their doors in her face. Vanessa had a buck 75 to her name and she was quickly becoming depressed and suicidal. She prayed for help.

She’s About To Hold Up Sign In Photobooth. He Reads It And Puts Everyone In Tears

When a woman announces to her husband or partner that she is pregnant, it’s supposed to be a time of great joy and jubilation for the both of them. And nowadays, many women aren’t simply telling the daddy the news in a private setting; they are spicing it up with special reveals.

Boys Gather To Carry Homeless Man’s Coffin To Grave. Then 1 Speaks 5 Words That Gives Everyone Chills

Our veterans have fought hard for our country, and they have protected us countless times in battles across the world. Their bravery is immeasurable. But, unfortunately, when they return to civilian life, many are forgotten. Many of them have a hard time readjusting to life out of the military, and many of them end up homeless.

Mom And Dad Sing Beautiful Harmonies But It’s Their Baby That’s Stealing Everyone’s Heart

When you’re a parent, the best thing you can see is your children smiling. There is really nothing that fills a parent’s heart with more happiness. As one mom and dad were traveling in their car with their six-month-old, they started singing “One Day.”

Mom Gets Alert From Friend To Go Online, Then Finds Photo Of Son Plastered All Over Internet

Stacey Philpot was a blogger, but after a long stretch on the internet and all the toxicity it can introduce into one’s life, she grew weary of it. So she decided to sign off for awhile and get her life in order by breathing in some fresh, non-online air. But almost as soon as she signed off, a friend got hold of her and urged her to immediately get back on and check out a story that was going viral.