Meet The Women Who Lost Her Billionaire Status For A Cause.

Famous author J.K. Rowlingof Harry Potter fameamassed an incredible fortune with her booksthat were later turned into moviesAnd if you haven’t seen one or at least heard of them, then you are not from this planet. Rowling’s net worth rose to well above one billion dollars, which is a little more than I have in my pocket right now. 

Crying Boy Gets On Bus. Driver Discovers Reason And Takes Immediate Action.

John Lunceford was driving his school bus route on a bitter cold winter day. When one little boy got on, he was shivering uncontrollably and crying. He was not wearing any hat or gloves. So John removed his own gloves and handed them to the little boy, wiping away his tears. He told the boy that it will be OK.

Son Drastically Starts Losing Weight, Then Mom Learns Truth He’s Been Hiding At School For Months.

Deirdre, of Garden City, New York, loved her son Liam very much, and was very concerned when his outgoing behavior changed. He stopped playing with his friends and even gave his parents back his iPhone. What kid does that? One day, someone punched him on the school bus.