Couples Fill Up The Dance Floor, Buts It’s The Tiny Dancers That Completely Steal The Show

Anyone who has followed Elton John’s career through the years surely knows his song Tiny Dancer. It’s seldom you actually get to see one. Or, in this case, two. Yasha Jeltuhin and Daniela Avanzini are only four and five years old, but they already know how to entertain a big crowd.

Young Singer’s Invited To Christmas Concert. In No Time Her Heavenly Voice Silences The Room

Amira Willighagen of the Netherlands is only 9 years old, and she truly has the voice of an angel. As a matter of belief by some, she may actually BE an angel. Her incredible vocal talents were more than enough to bring her the winning title on Holland’s Got Talent. 

Pastor Asks Bride To Step Aside, Then Groom Gives “Proposal” To Her Sister

When Ashley’s younger sister, Hannah, came into the world, she knew she had someone she could share life’s biggest moments with. But soon, Ashley and her family learned that Hannah was not going to be quite like everyone else in the family. Hannah was born with Down’s Syndrome.

Shy Teen Walks Out For Talent Show, Within Seconds Has Entire Crowd On Feet Cheering

Being a shy person can be an incredibly painful thing. You just feel like you don’t fit in. But sometimes, a shy person can let loose of that inner person inside of them… and amaze everyone. That was the case with Brett Nichols recently at Pitman High School in Turlock, Calif. Brett is a teenager who typically has such a shyness about him.

A Bullied Kid Had A Rare Escort To His First Day Of School.

In Pennsylvania, 16-year-old Sean Maehrer, who has Down Syndrome, had been bullied in the past at school and was preparing to start a new year at Salisbury High School last September. His parents were worried about him being taunted even more by the school bullies, and posted their anxieties on Facebook.

10 Most Controversial Films Of All Time

Cinema and controversy, these two words cannot distance themselves for a long time. Directors, actors, producers or film distributors, each one of them have been a part of a scandal at some point in their lives. Especially when their movies deal with a controversial theme, they really don’t have a good time after the release. There are certain films which induced controversy to their doors. Here is a list of 10 controversial films of all time.