Mom Struggles Calming Autistic Son During Haircut, Until Barber’s Act Immediately Goes Viral

Franz Jacob is a barber in Rouyn-Noranda, Canada, who seems to have a special talent. This big, burly guy with tattoos stretching the length of his arms, can calm the fears of little children with autism, who typically do not like their hair messed with at all.

59-Year-Old Chimp Refuses To Eat And Drink. But Watch When She Sees An Old Friend

A 59-year-old chimpanzee named Mama was the matriarch of the Royal Burgers’ Zoo in Arnhem, Netherland, and during her time at the zoo, she had developed an extremely close bond with Professor Jan van Hooff, who had spent so many hours with her, especially during her younger years.

Groom Waits To See Bride For 1st Look, Turns Around And She’s Not Wearing A Wedding Dress

When you’re getting married, the groom is never supposed to see the bride on their special day before she walks down the aisle in her flowing wedding gown. And usually, the site of his beautiful bride in her lovely wedding dress will tug at the heartstrings of even the strongest of men.

Sisters Sing Happy Birthday To Daddy, But Watch Baby On Right When He Blows Out Candles

Birthdays are really cool, except when you’re trying to forget about the added age that comes with them. But they are an important part of the growing process, and we learn at a very young age that each person’s birthday is truly something special and definitely something to celebrate.

Rory Feek Makes Decision To Pull His Daughter Out Of School – And People Can’t Get Over Reason

In March of 2016, many of us remember the passing of Joey Feek, half of the singing duo that looked to make it big on the country music stage until she was stricken with cancer. It was terrible to watch her life wither away, but she always tried to keep a positive attitude along with her singing partner and husband, Rory Feek. Rory has obviously dealt with some pretty rough days since her passing, but he uses his blog regularly to share his life with all his fans. And his fans love and support him, as well as his and Joey’s little daughter, Indiana.

Mommy Takes Baby Shopping Through Christmas Aisle. Reaction Is Taking Internet By Storm.

Isn’t it great when the season of Christmas rolls around? All the lights. All the colors. All the excitement. And for those of us who have been through quite a few Christmases, it still never gets old. But what about those young ones who have never even lived through a Christmas.