Couple Can’t Pay Restaurant Bill, Waitress Falls To Her Knees Upon Realizing Their Plan.

Let’s face it. Waitresses don’t make an awful lot. Even if you’re a Super Waitress, sometimes those tips just don’t go very far. Chelsea is a waitress at Spring St. Smokehouse and has raised her younger sister since she was a little girl. She has battled an eating disorder and runs a non-profit group that helps others with eating disorders through yoga.

Deaf Baby Girl Hears Mommy Say “I Love You” For 1st Time. Next Moment Is Putting Internet In Tears.

Charly’s parents realized soon after his birth that she had a hearing problem, because she was not reacting in any way to sounds. She was going to need a hearing aid pretty quick. And she got one. When they turned it on, her reaction was awesome.

Housemaid Thinks It’s An Ordinary Day, Until She Realizes Boss Went Behind Her Back & Set Her Up.

For Cara Simmons, it was just an ordinary day. Or so she thought. Cara worked as a professional cleaner, making trips to clients’ homes to take care of their cleaning needs. She worked so hard that she hadn’t had a day of in years, and she was raising three kids at the same time. Exhaustion was just a part of the job.

Mom Has Stressful Day At Home With The Kids, Then Toddler Shares With Dad The Real Story.

Moms have an amazing knack when it comes to dealing with stress from the kids. Well, at least they can sometimes make it look easy. One child, then the other… and the stress piles on. But no matter the chores for the day, her babies are her priority. Sometimes, she’s SuperMom, and truly is amazing.

Her Boyfriend Undergoes Makeover, But No One Expects Stunt He Pulls After Seeing New Look.

Claribel is very fashion-oriented, but her longtime boyfriend, Brandon … not so much. As a matter of fact, he’s extremely laid back with long hair and the most casual of clothes. So Claribel took him to the Rachael Show, where she wanted him to get the makeover of his life.

Waitress Serves Man With Walker, He Grows A Liking To Her & Makes Offer She Can’t Refuse.

Melissa Mainier was working as a waitress at a Peachtree restaurant in Harrisburg, Pa. She was hoping to make enough money to pay off her student loans that were carrying her through nursing school. But those debts sure seemed like climbing a mountain and Melissa was unsure if she would ever be able to get through it.