Meet The Women Who Lost Her Billionaire Status For A Cause.

Famous author J.K. Rowlingof Harry Potter fameamassed an incredible fortune with her booksthat were later turned into moviesAnd if you haven’t seen one or at least heard of them, then you are not from this planet. Rowling’s net worth rose to well above one billion dollars, which is a little more than I have in my pocket right now. 

Woman Feels Invisible Before Daughter’s Wedding. Gets Makeover That Leaves Her Unrecognizable.

We all go through periods in life where we just don’t feel we matter… that our looks are so drab that we just don’t want to go out of the house. Bev was going through one of those periods, and it was not good that her daughter’s wedding was coming up fast.

Stray Cat Refuses Food Unless It’s In A Bag She Can Carry, 1 Day They Follow Her And Quickly Understand.

In China, Dongsook was a stray cat that a compassionate woman in the neighborhood regularly fed. Dongsook would come around often for the woman to care for. But one day, the woman noticed that if food was put out on Dongsook’s plate, she would walk right by it.