He Grabs Mic During Brother’s Funeral, Leaves Room In Tears With Chilling “You Raise Me Up”

Yvonne Petersen loved all of her children – two sons and a daughter. Sadly, one of her sons died at the far-too-young age of 24. And none of their worlds seemed right anymore. He was the oldest of the three kids, and his siblings would always count on him for support and doling out that oldest sibling laughter.

She’s Waiting For Daddy’s Birthday Present. When It Arrives, Her Reaction Lights Up The Internet

Little Madeline absolutely loved trains. She loved the big engine and the whistle and the caboose. She just loved trains. So for Madeline’s third birthday, her dad was going to get her something really, really big – a ride on a train.

Baby Is Born Days After 24-Week Abortion Limit. 9 Months Later Doctors Can’t Believe Their Eyes

Victoria Bradley was pregnant and loving it. She just couldn’t wait to see her little bundle of joy. But at 24 weeks into the pregnancy, she seemed to be having some problems and she learned that if the baby was born early, it could be a serious problem. But that little baby had to be born then, and she was named Francesca.