Mom Leaves Walmart, Sees Person In Car Next To Her Mouth 6 Horrifying Words And She Slams The Brakes

It was just a regular trip to Walmart for Tia Withers and her two kids. But that afternoon at the Reynoldsburg, Ohio Walmart would be anything but regular. After Tia had gotten back into her truck after shopping a woman with a young boy next to her mouthed the words “Help me. We have been kidnapped.”

Pastor Asks Bride To Step Aside, Then Groom Gives “Proposal” To Her Sister

When Ashley’s younger sister, Hannah, came into the world, she knew she had someone she could share life’s biggest moments with. But soon, Ashley and her family learned that Hannah was not going to be quite like everyone else in the family. Hannah was born with Down’s Syndrome.

Nurse Cares For Woman Daily, But On Day Off She Sneaks Into Her Room & Shows Her True Colors

Sometimes, it’s not what you do when you’re earning a paycheck that matters. Sometimes, it’s what your heart leads you to do when you’re not. Isabelle is a nurse who cares for patients daily. But recently, on her days off, she has been visiting the grandmother of a young man she knows. His grandmother is in a hospital and she is dying.

Shy Teen Walks Out For Talent Show, Within Seconds Has Entire Crowd On Feet Cheering

Being a shy person can be an incredibly painful thing. You just feel like you don’t fit in. But sometimes, a shy person can let loose of that inner person inside of them… and amaze everyone. That was the case with Brett Nichols recently at Pitman High School in Turlock, Calif. Brett is a teenager who typically has such a shyness about him.